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Lela Beem was featured as a guest for the "Born Free Series" from Yoga Wisdom and Wellness


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Musings from Eva Balistrieri, 2017 Trainee

As a woman in my mid twenties, with basically zero knowledge of how my body works and how it will adapt to one day carry a child, I was curious, and figured I owed it to myself to learn more. With my newfound love of Ashtanga, however, I was also slightly skeptical. I had heard several stories of women continuing their practice well into the third trimester, headstand & all, with modifications (mainly the common sense ones; no deep twists, wider stance, no jumping, always make room for the baby...) Would this training conflict too much with Ashtanga, leading me away from the practice I finally connected to? Is prenatal yoga something you can use common sense/intuition for, or is there a method? Basically - would this be worth it? Unequivocally, yes...
Either it’s great irony or it’s the universe guiding me into new waters —but if you would have told me even six months ago that I would be a) doing a prenatal/postnatal teacher training and b) that I would have the opportunity to be in attendance for my best friend’s birth, I would not have believed you. Up until this point, childbirth, for me, was shrouded in mystery. I think it is for most people, until you either go through it or seek the resources. The reality is that there are so many stories, and so many options; so many unknowns and so many misconceptions about what takes place “behind the door.”...