Yoga for Childbirth: A Couples Workshop

An innovative curriculum for expecting mothers and birth partners. If you are interested in hosting this workshop for your community contact us.

We got so much out of the class. It was wonderful to hear about other expecting parents’ concerns, to problem solve ahead of time, and talk through our own worries. I feel much more prepared. I think what I will really carry with me into the hospital is a sense that I am not powerless if and when difficulties come up. I feel better knowing that there are tools we can use to help us get through the process.
— Jackie

This is a great refresher for second or third timers as well as a more in depth look at movement, breathing and meditation tools for first-timers. This class is essential for expecting couples to fill in the final details around how to access and receive support during labor and childbirth!  You and your partner will learn; ways to manage pain, uncertainty and negativity using movement, sound, breathing, affirmations and relaxation.  You will receive a "cheat sheet" including all information covered for your labor bag and a recording of a guided relaxation practice that you can use before and during labor.  Help your partner feel confident and introduce them to what you've been learning in yoga! 

Because yoga is a mind/body practice, the class will cover both the physical and psychological aspects of birth.  You will be offered a variety of practices to become more aligned with each other and your own inner strength and capacity.

The first half of class you will learn about the ways that fear, anxiety and fatigue affect the birth process and gain mental coping tools.  You will be offered contemplative journaling and dialogue opportunities for you and your partner.

The second half of the class will be dedicated to partner positions, yoga-based movement, breathing, relaxation and affirmation work.

Limited to 7 couples.  Third trimester or late second trimester is preferred. Click on location links below for registration.  Please fill out this survey prior to attending the workshop.


Upcoming Workshops:

Sat, June 1, 12:30-3:30p, Evolution Yoga, Glenview
Sat, July 13, 4-7p, Grateful Yoga, Evanston
Sat, Sept 21, 12:30-3:30p, Evolution Yoga, Glenview
Sat, Oct 26, 4-7p, Grateful Yoga, Evanston
Sat, Dec 14, 12:30-3:30p, Evolution Yoga, Glenview

$75 per couple.  Pre-registration required.  Refunds will be given with 24 hours notice (or in case of early delivery).

Private workshops are available. Email to inquire about price and scheduling.

"This class was a safe space for my husband and I to connect to each other and to our baby.  I found it to be a great compliment to a childbirth education course.  My husband was able to learn a lot of stuff that we do in yoga class that we can now do together when I go into labor.  It was great to practice these skills in a peaceful, supportive environment."  -A.B. 33 weeks pregnant with first baby