Amala’s Mission

The Amala School of Yoga makes yoga accessible to women by creating confident, sensitive teachers and empowering educational programs.

Our Approach

Our trainings, workshops and classes are steeped in the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda and include modern clinical insights from the physical therapy, nurse midwifery, obstetrical, and perinatal psychology communities. 

Our innovative training methods are suited to all styles of learning and belief systems. We provide a high level of learning, mentorship, and community building in our classes that graduates learn how to replicate in their yoga classes.

Amala School of Yoga is a Registered School (RPYS) founded in 2013 by Cassie Rodgers and Lela Beem.  We offer courses and programs including our 95 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Chicago, IL.  The Amala School also offers mentorships, childbirth education, prenatal and postnatal classes, and community resources in the Chicago area.

As of 2018, we expanded our reach to all areas of women's health. We see a need for more in-depth study of conditions that primarily affect women, especially in the yoga teacher community.

Additionally, we are hosting a yearly gathering of women in a retreat setting to further facilitate bonding, nurturing and collective awakening through sisterhood.


Listen to this 15 minute lecture led by Lela Beem offering a basis of our philosophy and approach to teaching prenatal yoga.

Amala taught me that I had a voice and that I could stand up to the system, if I wanted to. Prior to the training, I seriously had no clue. And the education it gave me allowed me to educate my husband and bring awareness to things that he was in the dark about. I know he was grateful that I had taken the training. It empowered us to ask questions, to challenge, to do research, to know our options...and we were over the moon about our birth experience. I’m super emotional about all of it and I know I always will be; it was so beautiful and we are so grateful to our birth team and the postpartum support we had. It makes me emotional about the work that Cassie & Lela are doing too. It is so valuable, and so much more than a yoga teacher training.
— Amala 2015 Graduate