Yoga for Childbirth Post Workshop

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Thank you for participating in the Yoga for Childbirth workshop.  We hope that you and your partner feel more confident, connected and prepared for the journey that lies ahead. 

Please help us spread the word and share our workshop with other expecting couples.  We love to hear how things went for you and how the workshop aided in your birth experience.  We highly encourage you to journal about your birth.  We are also eager to continue in supporting you so if there is anything you need please don't hesitate to reach out (see here for a list of trusted resources). 


Please enjoy the recordings below for your own personal use and refrain from sharing with others who have not participated in the workshop. 

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Complete our Survey!

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the survey below to help inform us on your experience and to take into consideration any possible ways to improve.  Thank you again and take the best of care!

The objective of this workshop was to cover the following topics. In the next few questions please use these topics as a guide for offering your feedback.
Opening: Review pain medication scale, icebreaker activity, introductions, overview of workshop. Pain: Purpose of pain in labor, Relationship to Pain (Svadyaya), Pain vs. Suffering, Broken Toe Posture, P.A.I.N, what causes and reduces pain in labor. Birth Tiger: Reflection on fears, fears affect in labor, meditation on affirmation to overcome fear. "Letting Go": Loosing vs. releasing control, panic strategy, reflection on Saucha (Niyama for contentment), "relaxation word chart", using B.R.A.I.N. Birth Partners Role: Three "R's", staging the environment for 5 senses, statements of encouragement, watching for plateaus, etc... Stages of Labor and Strategies: Review of stages of labor, poses, breathing, mindfulness, partner guided and supported cue's along with internal strategies for each. Labor Scenario's Activity: Placing scenario's in proper stage of labor and coming up with idea's for what mom and partner can do to support. Closing: Relaxation and meditation.
How strongly do you feel that all of the objectives were met?
How strongly do you feel that all of the objectives were met?