Core Support for New Moms: Pulling It All Back Together


Core Support for New Moms: Pulling It All Back Together

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Sat, July 14th, 2-5pm
at Ganesha Yoga, 2054 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60618

Some studies have found that 100% of women in their third trimester will accommodate a growing baby by overstretching the tissue that connects the abdominal muscles. Moreover, many will continue to have a gap in between the rectus abdominis (6-pack) muscles for months or years after delivery (vaginal or C-section,) reducing lumbopelvic support at a time when they need it most-- when caring for small children! Yogic techniques can jump-start the healing process and help mom find her inner core strength, which may reduce low back and pelvic pain. In this workshop Catherine will highlight relevant research and how to apply scientific evidence to a yoga practice that encourages healing and integrity of the abdominal wall to support mom’s ability to care for herself and others.

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Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Catherine Lewan, presents workshops for yoga teachers, therapists, and women’s health specialists help them gain the unique ability to teach therapeutic yoga to individuals or groups who are interested in reducing their risk or bothersomeness of symptoms.

After taking these courses you will be able to:

  • Offer effective, therapeutic yoga practices and valuable women’s health education to your group classes or private clients.
  • Support optimal core and pelvic floor function for yourself and your clients.
  • Discuss the relevant research that might guide our use of therapeutic yoga in women's health
  • Understand the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to women's health issues, and how yoga can be incorporated into a care plan.

Appropriate for those who have some experience and general understandings of yoga and women's health issues. Workshops will include didactic and practical components, fusing evidence-based medicine with modifications for yoga to support women’s health. Eligible for CEU’s through Yoga Alliance. All three workshops will be held at Ganesha Yoga at 2054 W. Irving Park Rd in Chicago.