We ask all our students for anonymous feedback at the end of the course to allow total freedom of expression. Here are the questions and some responses we have received:

Was the content and information offered in the training what you expected? Please explain.:

Yes, the teachings were thorough across various methods, perspectives, philosophies and stages of female experience (fertility to postpartum)

Yes! Everything we covered was so valuable and more. :)

Did you feel there was anything lacking from the content and information covered?:

No, everything I could think of was presented!

I found it a little challenging to toggle back and forth between the different manuals you gave us.

What were your 3 most enjoyable aspects of the program?:

Engaging in discussion with the group of trainees to further perspective and understanding of various perspectives and techniques.
Putting together practical sequences that I could use outside of the program and apply to personal as well as professional life
Ayurvedic learning. The readings were all helpful and relevant

The vast knowledge and depth that Cassie and Lela have to share.
Being led through practices and meditations.
Being surrounded by such amazing women and expertise.

What were your 3 least enjoyable aspects of the program?:

The three least enjoyable were actually the most beneficial for me despite fears and reservations.
I struggled with wrapping my mind around the anatomy teachings but gained so much from learning this
I was fearful of practice teaching but this was crucial to building confidence and application

Desired more focus on contraindications -- like a top 5 list of NEVER to do EVER that's easy to memorize.

Did you feel supported throughout the program by the lead trainers? :

I not only felt supported, I felt held, loved and uplifted when I needed it more than anything

Did you feel the homework requirements were reasonable and valuable to your learning experience?:

The homework was reasonable, informative, insightful and extremely valuable

Yes, very much so!

Did you feel the 10 elective hours were reasonable and valuable to your learning experience?:

Yes, it was nice to be able to pick the hours based on personal preferences and desired areas for exploration

Yes, very much so!

Do you feel prepared to begin teaching prenatal yoga?:


I’d like to have more scenarios that I might face teaching prenatal yoga and be quizzed on what I would do in those situations.

Would you recommend Amala School of Prenatal Yoga to others?

Yes, my experience with Amala was invaluable. I had the opportunity to connect with other soul sisters while on my journey to improve my own prenatal/postnatal experience and to become better equipped to service others. It was an honor to be a part of the program. I gained insight, perspective and skills to apply to both my personal and professional spheres.

“YES! I participated in Amala PYTT from 7 months pregnant through my “4th trimester” - 2 months postpartum. Looking back, it’s amazing to see the knowledge and resources I acquired during that time and how they directly impacted myself and my growing family. Not only was I able to grow my existing yoga teacher skills for the pre and postnatal audience, but I was profoundly impacted on a personal level as well.

Through the reading materials, lectures, practice flows, and outside experts, I was given an extremely authentic picture of this time in women’s lives — what to expect, how to prepare, how to ask the right questions, and how to best stick to my birth intentions while still practicing non-attachment. It’s easy to get caught up on your birthing day, but thanks to the Amala 3rd module all about postpartum, I was able to return and complete my training with my now 2 month old Ember all 4 days. I was met with welcoming energy from the instructors, and the other amazing women in the class. We even shared in a sacred ceremony to honor each of the pregnant mothers and their unique and heart-wrenching experiences.

Becoming a mother means slaying the woman you knew yourself as before…all the activities, friends, work that you used to define yourself simply feel devoid of meaning upon welcoming this new person into your life. While I had a very challenging postpartum experience, I also felt I had the right support and tools to help me through what can be a very isolating experience. I feel I owe this to my training and wonderful teachers. Without AMALA, I believe I would have had a very different experience through the end of my pregnancy, during birthing and postpartum. I know the benefits have greatly impacted not only myself, but also my sweet family for being so supportive during this time. Thanks to all the resources, I was able to educate them in ways about the needs of myself and my baby in a very helpful way. I can't wait to begin bringing this knowledge to the pre- and post-natal population.”

- 2018 graduate

Amala Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

"Never having experienced being pre or postnatal first hand, I was a bit nervous about the training ... but! being that I was passionate about womens' health & advocating a space for their needs, I felt compelled to be a part of the training-especially given our current political climate. I feel extremely grateful of the warmth and welcoming space Amala provided. It was the exact atmosphere I hope to cultivate for women during their monumental life transition. I felt supported by the the leaders, Lela & Cassie, and was amazed to soak up the knowledge of not only the leaders but also all their contracted speakers and teachers in the training. The inspiring, nurturing and empowering training will help me confidently navigate my own future as well as my students and our culture in general."

"Amala School of Yoga not only gifted me the education, both through an Ayurvedic and anatomical/medical lens of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, but also the place to come together and share wisdom and differing perspectives in a safe and healing space. I graduated Amala's program feeling ready and equipped to teach Prenatal Yoga." - 2018 Graduate

 "I highly recommend Amala School of Prenatal training to anyone interested in teaching this population. Amala provides an extensive, complete program that serves prenatal students in a safe, strong, and knowledgeable way.  You will learn how to create mindful practices, that include dynamic flows, relaxation, meditation and connection for the student and their babies." -2015 graduate

"I loved everything about the workshop. Cassie and Lela are amazing women, amazing teachers. They are truly knowledgeable teachers and genuine yoginis, bringing us their wonderful firsthand experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I felt like I learned more about yoga in these past 2 modules than I did in my entire 200 hour teacher training. I love the approach that they take about really incorporating the subtle bodies. We are genuinely becoming prepared to lead women through a practice that will truly support women through their pregnancy and throughout the birth process. I came into the workshop thinking I'd get some helpful tips on asana and how not to hurt a pregnant woman, and I'm learning so, so, so much more than I ever thought i would. I'm even learning more about myself as a person and as a teacher. It's been a wonderful experience." - 2014 graduate

"The experience I had studying Yoga for Fertility, Prenatal & Postpartum is unmatched. Yes, I learned a great deal about working with the Women's body through different stages of pregnancy, labor and beyond... and was awestruck at how the training continued more deeply into discussions around the philosophy and science of yoga and Ayurveda.

With each session, I left feeling more inspired and prepared to teach even my ongoing yoga classes. In addition to the material, presentations and homework assignments adding to my "tool box", both Lela and Cassie made an incredible team. Even beyond our training, they continue to be accessible resources to aid in our continuing development and success as we collaborate to make yoga that much more accessible to this specialized population. Thank you, Amala School of Prenatal Yoga!!" -2014 graduate

"Diving deeper in to yoga philosophy brought light to concepts that I had learned in my 200 hour training, yet had not fully understood at that time in my life. The philosophical aspects of the practice were presented with a simplicity and openness that made the concepts feel less unattainable.

This workshop is not only a great prenatal workshop, but also a solid compliment and extension to 200 hour training."  -2016 graduate

"I woke up this morning to an inquiry for Private Prenatal Yoga and we are scheduled to meet tomorrow! I am excited to share all of my knowledge to create a sacred and safe space for her to practice! THANK YOU!! Seriously... the world is a better place because of your teachings."

- Rachel "Yogi Rae" Grundner, RYT 200

" I've worked in the fitness and health industry for 25 years now, but I always felt somethings was missing.  After going through your training I realized I did not have a platform for a spiritual component.  When I taught high school health education, I did slip the spiritual side of health in as much as I could which the students seemed to enjoy, but I never really did with  my personal clients or with the research I was doing with Women's Health Foundation.  This gives me that chance to bring that into my work, which makes it feel complete.  Thank you!!!  " - 2017 Graduate