Wondering if this retreat is right for you?

Dearest Yogini Sister,


Thank you so very much for your interest in out retreat 'The Circle of Womanhood'. I am delighted that you feel a resonance with the work that is being offered at this retreat. We live in very challenging times, and there are only very few opportunities for women to gather together to support and encourage and nourish  each other in our empowerment. This is why we are offering the retreat - we feel it is one of these rare opportunities, and so precious!

I can feel from your questions about the retreat that you have some concerns about whether the event will be something that suits you, and something of value to you.

So I offer the following information for you, so you can perhaps be clearer about the nature of the event, and then you can make your own decision about it. Please only consider coming if this event makes your HEART SING!

Please know that the event is a truly nourishing empowerment for all women into an embodied, living understanding of MENSTRUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS. Please know this is relevant for every stage of our lives - it is about all our life cycles -  it is NOT just about menstruation, nor is it only about menopause or birthing or motherhood, or our mature years…

The retreat is about honouring ALL of these stages and welcoming EVERY aspect of our experiences as women. This includes, for example, perimenopause and amenorrhea (absent periods), mothering and lactation, the clarity and power of our mature years, and the experience of being, through choice or by chance, childless.

Our Circle of Womanhood retreat includes the celebrations of the joyous nature of being female at all ages, as well as the griefs and the sadnesses and the strength and resilience we learn through living in a female body at this time on our world. There are so many different ways to experience being a female human, and in our supportive circle we genuinely and warmly welcome ALL that we are. This is why we welcome women of every age: we gather in circle so that we may learn, support, celebrate and honour each other at all the different places we find ourselves in our lives.

MENSTRUALITY  may be an unfamiliar term for you so we offer you this longer explanation which you may wish to read.

In essence what MENSTRUALITY is is a recognition of the evolution of our consciousness as women through FOUR major life stages -
each beginning with an M:

MENARCHE - our first bleed - initiation into menstruation
MENSTRUATING YEARS (usually less than half of our life!)
MENOPAUSE - the ending time of our bleeds - initiation into the Mature Years
MATURE YEARS (likely to be more than half of our lives)

In our Circle of Womanhood Retreat we are offering practices, circles, music and sharing that honour and support our experiences in all of these stages. Every woman is welcome - every sister for who this work truly resonates.

So if it makes your heart sing to feel this possibility, of being with sisters of all ages and sharing woman-centred practice and nourishing and creative time in nature - then please come! You are welcome. If you have any further questions then please write again, or call us for a chat. 

With great respect and love, 

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli