Considering bringing a child along?  


Children are welcomed into this retreat with the full understanding that you are 100% responsible for their supervision at all times.  It is suggested that you bring along a “caregiver” (especially for children between the ages of 2-8) that will help you mind your child when you would like to instead be fully present for the program content.  We also ask that you consider the quality and value of the retreat experience for others and that if you need to tend to the needs of your child you do so in a manner that is not disruptive to the group.  Please know that it is the policy of the retreat center that children cannot be left unattended in any area.

If you are breastfeeding please see Uma's Statement of Inclusion

Children Participation Welcome:

Your child is welcome into the program space.  Here are some ways you might envision them being involved.  If your or your child find that they are not content in these sessions you may send them with a caregiver or tend to their needs outside the practice space.

  • During Asana practice, your child may enjoy participating in the movement

  • In the sharing circles, they have an opportunity to learn about kindness and good listening.

  • During Yoga Nidra, you might find that they are content to just cuddle up and fall asleep or get bored and need to leave

  • During Yantra making, they will be offered an opportunity to be involved in the creation of art.

  • During Kirtan and Fire Circles, they may enjoy the music, singing and ritual

We have endeavored to cover all eventualities here but children, of course, can be unpredictable, so please be guided by the wishes of the teacher of the group at the time.

Packages & Rates:

Child/Caregiver Retreat Packages
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Room/Meal Packages

Children under 2 years of age* - no charge

2-17 years of age** - Any accommodation style with meals = $330. Any accommodation without meals - $175.

Caregivers** – Pay regular price from "Room/Meal Package" pricing based on accommodation style.

*No bed will be provided for children under 2 years of age unless you purchase one for them at the rate for 2-17yr olds. You may bring a portable crib, co-sleep or provide your child with a sleeping bag on the floor.

**Caregivers are strongly encouraged for any children between the ages of 2-8

Program Packages

Any Child or Caregiver will be considered a partial program participant to the retreat and are required to purchase this discounted program package for their attendance.  Caregiver program participants purchasing this program package are asked to be a part of sessions only when she is accompanying and caring for the child and that this be her top priority.

Child Program Package - $175

Caregiver Program Package - $175