The Pregnant Practice
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The Pregnant Practice

Have you ever had a pregnant woman come to your yoga class and you felt unprepared to help her? Are you pregnant yourself and unsure of how to modify your current yoga practice?

In this workshop, yoga teachers will learn to confidently adapt their classes for a pregnant student. Experienced yoga students may also attend to learn how to safely practice throughout their pregnancy.

Cassie will introduce you to the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body, then outline common concerns and contraindications. You will learn basic hands-on and propped modifications and have the chance to practice applying your newfound skills. Participants will receive a manual for future reference.

The Pregnant Practice is an introduction to prenatal modifications for yoga, not a prenatal yoga teacher training. If you desire to specialize in working with this population, consider Cassie's 95 hour prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training that begins in January 2017 at Yoga Six!

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