Make Up Policy

We understand that personal conflicts may arise during the course of our training. We ask you to do your best to attend the training in its entirety. When that isn't possible, please notify us in advance when you have to miss a portion. We do our best to record the lectures and practices and make them available for everyone. Our make-up policy ensures that each student will have the opportunity to fully receive and integrate the material for their own personal growth as a teacher while meeting the certification requirements.

Trainees are permitted to miss one full day (6.5 hours) of training without being required to turn in any makeup work (however it is in your best interest to refer to the makeup guideline to cover what you missed on your own).  Beyond that you are required to cover your missed time and submit the make up work.  Use the links below find the segment(s) you missed.  Complete both the regular homework and "make up" homework assignments. Submit all make up assignments directly to your assigned mentor. 

For any additional days missed beyond one full training day, make up work must be reviewed by scheduling a Mentoring Session through Amala at the rate listed below.  This is to ensure your full understanding of the material and gives you an opportunity to address questions one-on-one.

Training Day Make Up Mentoring Session - $100 per hour
A one-on-one session with an Amala Mentor to review your make-up work, cover any questions and discuss the missed lectures. During this time you will also lead the mentor in a short sequence based on the concepts of the work you missed. To schedule your session, email

Training Day Make Up Guide

Most segments of daily classes will be recorded.  The following offers a brief summary of what "make up" work assignments.  Reference the detailed syllabus links below for segment(s) you missed to find links and assignments required to receive credit. 

Morning Practice - Listen the recording of the morning practice and practice along. Write and submit a reflection on what stood out for you about the class experience and any questions you have.

Morning Lecture - Listen the recording of the morning lecture. Write a summary of what you felt the main concepts where, what stood out for you and any questions you have.

Afternoon Presentation and/ or Lecture - Listen to the recording of the presentation/lecture. Write a summary of what you felt the main concepts where, what stood out for you and any questions you have.

Missed Afternoon Practice Teach - Prepare a sample class based on assignment that you will lead your mentor through in your scheduled session.

Use the links below to resource the syllabus and recordings:

Module 1 Yoga for Fertility and Pregnancy
Module 2 Yoga for Childbirth
Module 3 Yoga for the Postpartum Body and Mind

Those eligible and in need of make-up hours may be able repeat certain coursework during the following years training if several days/sections were missed or homework was never completed.