Certification Requirements

95-Hour Prenatal Yoga Certification and RPYT Status Requirements*
Participants may apply compile completed Amala courses toward an Amala certification within 18 months from the start of your first course. Upon completion of all of the requirements below you will receive a certificate stating that you are 95-hour prenatal yoga certified.

To be eligible for certification students must:

  1. Complete all Coursework

    • Attendance during training days from each of the three Modules (missing up to one day without make up work)

    • Turn in a reflection of the Amala Teaching Principals (Module 1 only)

    • Attend a total of three prenatal yoga classes as an observer (one after each Module). Submit a short written review of each class.

    • Turn in a total of 6 class sequences (2 after each Module) based on assigned themes.

    • Complete any additional course homework including additional reading, videos, reflections, etc...

  2. Complete all Required Reading

    Each Module has required reading assignment outlined below.  Please use the links below to purchase your books from Amazon.com 

  3. Complete 10 (Non Contact) Elective Study Hours*
    10 non-contact elective credit hours need to be completed within 365 days of finishing all three courses. You can begin these additional hours at any time after completing your first course.  Those seeking certification will provide a presentation of their selected course of study. These elective credits can be fulfilled in the following ways:

    • Attending a childbirth education course of your choice.

    • Attending a yoga workshop with a focus on restorative yoga, gentle yoga or meditation. This
      specialized workshop does not need to be teacher training, but does need to be applicable to
      working with prenatal and postnatal students. Pre-approval required.

    • 10 hours of observing or apprenticing in prenatal or postnatal yoga classes led by a Registered
      Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) if possible.

    • Complete a Book Report from a book not in the required reading and approved by Amala Trainers.

      *See our Non-Contact Hours page for other qualifying programs and books with links to discounted offers.

  4. Complete the Final Exam
    Each certified student is to complete the final exam (emailed two weeks prior to final day/Module 4).

  5. Turn in Final Presentation
    Submit your Final Presentation either in person on the final day or via video to your mentor. The final presentation should include a short 5 minute overview from the topic of your elective hours along with a 10-15 minute guided experience that showcases the skills gained from your topic of study.

    • Presentations should feature.

      • Topic(s) of study.

      • What were you most moved or inspired by in your study?

      • How will it influence your teaching?

      • Was there anything that surprised you?

      • Any questions/discussion that come up that you want to pose to the group?

Yoga Alliance Registration:
Registering with Yoga Alliance is optional. Yoga Alliance requires all teachers applying for RPYT status to have completed 30 additional hours of teaching which can start to be logged after you have received your certification.

I loved that Amala’s training placed emphasis on the internal work of yoga through traditional philosophy, ayurveda, meditation, yoga nidra, and subtle energy work. The fact that it was not just about how to safely guide pregnant students through their physical practice, but also how to help them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually at such a transformative time was really exciting to me.
— Amala 2014 graduate